Payday Loan Consolidation Explained

What is debt consolidation and who can use it?

Debt consolidation is a type of loan that allows all the installments of other current loans to be combined into a lighter monthly installment, giving you the opportunity to extinguish all other debt positions due to loans disbursed by it through additional financing, bank or another credit institution.

Refinancing is the right solution to avoid over-indebtedness for people and families with various ongoing loans, often not due to the total amount of the various loans, but rather to avoid paying different, often high, charges applied by the various banking institutions, as well as to the very short depreciation periods. Consolidating debts allows the consumer to request a new loan through which to extinguish all other active loans in a single monthly payment made less expensive thanks to the competitive rates offered.

Thanks to online payday loan comparison services, requesting a debt consolidation quote is simple and quick: by choosing the total amount you need and the desired amortization period, you can calculate the amount of the monthly loan installment in just a few simple steps .

How refinancing works

Debt consolidation loans are a re-financing solution aimed at consolidating all outstanding debts. This type of operation not only allows you to lighten the monthly installments to be repaid, but also to obtain additional liquidity to meet your expenses, without the need to communicate their use.

Government, state employees and pensioners can request debt consolidation with salary or pension assignment, even if they have been reported as bad payers, while it is impossible to request a re-financing in situations of extreme economic difficulty, ie without income and without a collateral.

You can compare the best debt consolidation and re-financing offers on the market online: after completing our online form in just a few steps, you will be contacted free of charge by a consultant within 24 hours, which will give you the result of the verification of feasibility based on the data provided by you and will help you explore the various loan offers proposed by Italian banks and financial institutions.

Applying for debt consolidation online

Thanks to the use of technology and the professionalism of certain online services that help find and compare lenders, such website are able to offer you a new and more convenient way to choose, request and obtain a loan for debt consolidation:

  • Save time in finding the best offer;
  • You have the convenience of free service and competitive rates;
  • Receive an answer in a short time;
  • You can get the consolidation loan without leaving home.

Specify the characteristics of the debt consolidation loan you are interested in: amount, duration, etc. View debt consolidation offers that are in line with your search. Transparently compare all economic conditions. Choose the lender with the most competitive rates and proceed with the application. You will be contacted with the decision within a few hours, and if approved, you will receive money needed to cover your existing debts the next day to your specified account.