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Story Power for Teams

An effective management communication tool, storytelling is often overlooked as an effective tool for work teams as well.

For example, the Account Services team of a worldwide advertising firm was frustrated and discouraged about its role as facilitator/interpreter between clients' objectives and the output of the agency's creative services department. The ad concepts often were very imaginative but missed the mark in conveying the client's key message. The pressures of being caught in the middle had generated a turnover rate of nearly 50% in Account Services.

A Corporate Storytelling® session at a team retreat helped the group identify shared values and reach consensus on their mission. By clearly articulating who they were-their strengths and their unique contributions to the agency-team members experienced a complete shift in perspective and attitude. Articulating their story sparked renewed energy for the team, enabled them to be highly productive for the balance of the retreat, and helped them return to the workplace with fresh enthusiasm for their mission: facilitating the creation of high quality, on-target ads to their clients.

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