Insights on That Ovewhelmed Feeling

Is it just me–or do a lot of you, too, feel overwhelmed with all the demands on your time? Why does it seem that life only gets more pressured rather than less so as time goes on–and we get wiser, as I have always expected!

An insight from today’s news made me feel better instantly. Christina Wall, a grad student Eastern Michigan University, decided to do her master’s thesis on what life was like before it was infused with everything high tech. She’s living with devices that were in existence prior to 1950. That means no TV (yes, it existed but wasn’t a common home device), no computers, no e-mail, no cell phones, etc.

What she’s found is that each day seems to have 40 hours! Wall is amazed to discover that she has much more time to read, play the piano, and connect with friends both in person and on the phone (a rotary dial, naturally). She also says she’s spending less; without a debit card to mindlessly slide through the checkout, she thinks more about what she buys.

What a relief to know it isn’t my imagination! (Of course, I knew I wasn’t imagining it, but it’s always great to get confirmation.)

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