Fundraisers: Got Mobile Giving?

The world of virtual activities–corporate learning and conferences, shopping, and gatherings with friends–continues to expand, and now even charitable giving has gone mobile. “Giving should be easy, it should be fun and it should be rewarding,” says Jim Manis, the founder and CEO of the Mobile Giving Foundation, Bellevue, WA, in a recent Seattle Times article.

A nonprofit that provides the technology for NGOs to conduct fundraising campaigns, Mobile Giving is an idea that’s well timed. The number of nonprofits continues to grow, making fundraising continually more challenging. The situation is exacerbated by the slow economy and the rise in unemployment.

Mobile Giving provides organizations a channel for reaching younger donors to whom text messaging comes naturally. Manis says almost 70 percent of people between the ages of 18 and 24 use texting, and they’re an important group for charities to reach. They want to help improve the world and they generally do not have the means (yet) for large gifts, but small gifts from large numbers are crucial. It’s important for NGOs to develop relationships with younger adults, who take a different approach to getting involved from previous generations.

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