Worn-out Workforce? Focus Your Story!

Speaking to a business group recently, a branding expert observed that employees are worn out and need to hear that their employers and other business leaders understand how they’re feeling. To cut through the information clutter, you always need a finely-tuned story targeted to each distinct audience. But now you need to do even more.

People in the workforce aren’t able to function even close to top form because they’ve been overworked, over-stressed, and most likely, under-appreciated. They know they’re lucky to have a job and to still have their homes when so many others have lost both cornerstones of stability. But the sluggish economy is the worst and longest lasting that they’ve ever seen, and they’re exhausted.

To re-energize your employees, take a fresh look at your brand story. Are you connecting with employees on a personal level? And are they connecting with your customers/clients on a personal level? People are always hungry for stories because well-told tales reach their hearts as well as their minds. They’ll respond best to those that say, “We understand what you’re going through, and here’s how we can help you feel and function better, even when the going is especially tough.”

A re-energized workforce will help you tell your brand story more effectively–and win more market share in the process.

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