Great News: Leaders Listening to Employees!

It was heartening to read in yesterday’s edition of The Wall Street Journal that CEOs are mindful of interacting more with employees, listening to their concerns–and responding to their ideas for making their workplaces more appealing.

With some of the pressures of the economic crisis lifting, executives report they’re able to carve out time to spend with employees. It’s an essential part of their leadership responsibilities that all too often gets pushed down to a low priority. Many are recognizing, however, that when business picks up and the job market grows stronger, the best and brightest are going to be ready to jump ship–unless they’re confident that their current employers are listening to what’s important to them and willing to respond to their needs.

Among those featured in the WSJ are US Airways Group’s Douglas Parker, who’s visiting regularly with pilots in training sessions; Quicken Loans’ Bill Emerson, who’s making time to schedule weekly luncheon meeting with employees; and pricewaterhouseCoopers’ chairman, Robert Moritz, who’s urging executives throughout the firm to “roam the halls” so they can learn what’s on employees’ minds.

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