Effective Leaders Value Employees

Most business people realize, and most executives know from experience, that retaining good employees is far less less costly than hiring and training new people. And yet, many companies still make the mistake of not finding out what their best employees want–and giving it to them.

Allyis, a technology consulting company, is a shining example of how to create the kind of workplace people thrive in. The founders have successfully identified the characteristics and benefits that others would like as much as they themselves do, and the company has just been named by Seattle Business magazine as the Best Midsized Company to Work For in the Seattle area. And it’s the second time the 13-year-old organization has been named to the “best” list!

What are some of the things Allyis does that keeps nearly 200 employees happy and productive? The founders have retained “the human connection” they wanted through recognition, empowerment, open, two-way communication, transparency, and an intranet that includes blogs, discussion boards, and team sites. Financial results are posted monthly and management is open to questions on any topic. What’s more, a few years ago Allyis allocated most of its marketing budget to employee benefits!

What would happen if your employer adopted at least some of these practices? Do you think it would make a difference anywhere?

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