New CD: Storytelling for Nonprofits

Nonprofits throughout the country are working hard to win back donors now that the economy appears to have bottomed out and slowly started recovering. Which of the thousands of worthy service agencies will  attract much-needed funds? The ones with a heart-warming, engaging story, of course!

I’ve interviewed six leaders from top organizations, such as The Community Health Foundation of Western and Central New York, United Way of Kentucky, and  the University of Notre Dame, to learn how they leverage the power of storytelling to reach their audiences, keep traditions alive, and win crucial support. Their insights–a total of 56 minutes with these insightful leaders!–are now available on CD or as an MP3 file from my website.

Listen and learn from top nonprofit executives who are accomplished storytellers. Tune in while driving to and from work, jogging, or waiting for a flight–any time throughout your busy day when you have a few extra minutes. It’s just $39.95 plus tax and shipping for the CD and only $29.95 plus tax for MP3. Order your recording now and learn from the leaders:

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