The Changing Story on Books

What is a book, anyway? The definition is changing at warp speed, it seems. recently reported that the number of e-book sales has surpassed print book sales, and the terms “multimedia” and “interactive” are becoming just as applicable to books as to presentations.

Times of transition that fundamentally change how we go about our daily lives are always disorienting–and they’re also exciting. As I develop a self-guided e-version of the Corporate Storytelling system, I’m both frustrated at the complexity and excited about the dynamic nature of the end product. The “book” will be a virtual online presentation with audio and video; and it will be relatively simple to incorporate periodic udpates. Not only will the multimedia format enable me to include fresh stories to illustrate what’s happening in the world of organizational storytelling, but it also will allow me to continually add value and help clients maximize results!

The bottom line, as explained in yesterday’s “The Wall Street Journal”, is that it’s the idea that counts (and I would say, the rich experience and results), not the way it’s delivered.

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