Yahoo CEO: Leaders Need to Fit Company’s CultureTo Be Effective

The importance of recruiting people who fit the organization’s culture has been stated here before, and Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz recently added another dimension to that discussion.

In an interview with “Fast Company,” she shared her belief that if someone–including the CEO–discovers a disconnect with the culture after they’re on board, they need to face the reality and deal with it. “If who you are doesn’t fit where you are, then you should go,” she said. “I personally think that the most important thing you can be is who you are…. If you’re trying to change who you are it doesn’t work. People sniff that out.”

I say, Amen! Telling an authentic story about the organization, what it stands for, and how it operates is one of the primary responsibilities of a leader. To do that requires that the leader first demonstrate personal authenticity. Sharing stories about why they joined the company, how/why their own values align with the organization’s, and experiences that shaped their leadership style all reflect who they are–and help employees relate to them and support their goals.

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