IDEO Recommends Stories for Designers

In a recent series of articles for Fast Company, IDEO offered tips to design professionals on using stories to support their design work as well as their clients’ products. I couldn’t agree more that stories and branding go together. In fact, I often describe my Corporate Storytelling system as a right-brain approach to brand development.

Here are the four tips on story development that IDEO offered in the article:
1. Share what you care about. (How might design authentically express values to attract like-minded consumers?)
2. Empower people to make it their own. (How might we encourage consumers to participate by telling their own stories?)
3. Localize. (How might we speak to community to provide deeper meaning and connection in an increasingly commoditized world?)
4. Be discriminating. (How might we identify the key aspects of design that connect to the story’s focus?)

What stories do you use to describe your business and the way you enact your values?

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