Stories Cut through the Clutter (Data Update)

As I tell my workshop and keynote audiences, one of the many benefits of using stories is that they’re very effective at cutting through the clutter in the marketplace. The sheer volume of information that’s at our fingertips–not to mention the amount directly bombarding each of us every day–continues to grow and weigh us down, keeping us from being able to focus on the most important tasks at hand.

And now comes word of this staggering piece of data: More information moves through the Internet in one day than was transmitted in the entire year of 1995. Granted, that was in the early days of the Internet; however, there was no small amount of information immediately available even then.

So if you find yourself wondering why your brain feels “fried” at the end of the day–or even midday–you at least can take comfort in knowing that it isn’t just you! The data is indeed growing, and piling up at a rate that’s truly mind-boggling.

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