Storytelling an Ideal Tool for Focusing Attention

The Age of Attention has followed on the heels of the Information Age, according to futurist David Houle. The challenge of this decade, he says, is not conveying and finding information you need; the challenge is to capture and keep attention. That’s because everyone is suffering from information overload, which makes it easy to get distracted and hard to get–and stay–focused.

Storytelling is the ideal tool for keeping your stakeholders’ attention focused on the messages you want them to hear and remember. Stories are natural “sense-makers” that help human beings cope with their world. When we receive data-filled information, we search our minds for relevant experiences to associate with the data we want to remember–or make up a story to wrap around the data.

Relating your key messages in story form makes it easier for your audiences to remember your points. Stories grab their attention–and keep it focused on the messages you want people to hear and recall. Storytelling is a perfect tool for this decade. Isn’t it time you learned to master the art of story?

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