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Leaders Innovate

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011

Innovation is always an important aspect of leadership, but in today’s climate it’s essential. All our assumptions about what business we’re in and how to best serve customers and clients need to be seriously questioned as more and more business moves online and customer expectations shift dramatically.

Every organization needs not only to rethink what they’ve been doing and how they’ve been doing it–but also to ask basic questions as though they’re starting from square one. To do that requires doing something that many, if not most, business leaders feel they can afford to do: take time to step away from the day-to-day demands of running the business and look at the company from a fresh perspective.

For guidance on how to rethink your business, consider the four steps of innovation outlined by noted innovator Warren Berger as described in his first article of a series for Fast Company. Read it at