When Employees Volunteer, Service Soars

What difference does it make when a company’s employees volunteer for tasks that are above and beyond the call of duty? Here are some examples from Southwest Airlines:

1. Off-duty flight attendants and pilots help serve beverages during flights
2. Off-duty personnel also help service planes on the ground
3. A gate agent puts extra effort into personally returning a passenger’s lost Blackberry

What difference does it make when employees “go the extra mile”? In the first two examples, employees who pitch in enable Southwest to turn around their plans faster, making better use of the lines’ most costly equipment and leveraging time spent in flight earning revenues. In all three cases, the personal, one-to-one customer service wins and solidifies customer loyalty.

How can you inspire your employees to look for ways they can help thier organization without being asked? What do you envision the benefits to be?

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