Trust in Executives Key to Employee Engagement

A high degree of employee engagement requires a high level of trust in the organization’s executives more than workers’ own managers–and yet, an extensive survey of employees across North America revealed that only 52 percent trusted their executive team while 72 percent trusted their immediate bosses.

Christopher Rice, CEO of BlessingWhite, the company conducting the survey, points out that if people “don’t trust their boss, or their boss’ boss, they’ll begin to question how they fit in with the company and have less pride in the organization overall.”  One of the remedies, Rice says, is to strengthen communication skills among HR professionals as well as executives so that they can share the responsibility of conveying genuine “concern for employee well-being in order to strengthen employee motivation,” he says.

Sharing one’s own career stories–particularly focused on challenges the executive has faced,  and how those were overcome–is one way to communicate genuine concern and understanding of employees’ situations.  Anyone have examples of how your organization’s executives have done this effectively? We’d love to hear them!

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