Visual Storytelling Comes on Strong

When you hear the word “storytelling,” what comes to mind first? Do you envision someone standing at a mic and verbally spinning a yarn to inform or entertain? Do you recall a favorite movie or TV show? Or do images pop up of recent videos you’ve seen, either youtube clips or videos you’ve shot yourself with a camera or phone?

Most of us probably think first of one of those standard visual formats, but a new form of visual storytelling is taking the world by storm: infographics. The exciting thing is that several tools for creating infographics are now available to those who are graphically and artistically challenged. (That would include me!)

I’ve been using for awhile, and it’s a fun way to emphasize key points. A new tool that’s currently in beta promises to be far more robust. It’s, and you can sign up to be notified on its progress at

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