Ken Blanchard Says You Need Only One!

“Only one that you stick with.” That’s Ken Blanchard’s answer to the question, “How many leadership training programs do you need?”(He also points out that the same answer applies to the question, “How many diets do you need?”)

Another of his views on leadership training that I heartily endorse is that teams should be trained together.Otherwise, if just one person from a team attends a training session, as is often the case, any valuable techniques and behaviors learned will be confusing or puzzling to the person’s co-workers when s/he returns to the office. As a result, no matter how valuable the new learnings may be, they likely will be dropped so as not to create a disturbance. What a waste!

Blanchard’s comments are contained in a video clip on Elliott Masie’s website to promote his upcoming LeadershipDev 2011 conference next week in Las Vegas. Masie interviewed three featured speakers and posted video clips of each.  In addition to Blanchard, the other clips are of David Gergen and Tom Peters. Go here to view them:

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