Why Employees Don’t Support Change

According to a study by the Richard Ivey School of Business, one of the most common reasons employees don’t support change in the workplace is lack of sufficient communication. Other common reasons are 1) failing to invite input, and 2) not understanding the challenges employees encounter when they try to make changes.

“There is nothing more frustrating than ambiguity and lack of clarity,” the article says. “Change is natural and…is to be expected. But there still needs to be a good reason for change and it needs to be clearly articulated. People want to feel part of the change and that they have a role to play…. Being left alone is lousy. It doesn’t work in business culture, it doesn’t work in public or private companies, and it doesn’t work in families.”

An article in Western News says the study focused on municipal management but the findings are applicable to other types of organizations. The conclusion: All organizations need the support of employees to enact significant change, so it’s important that leaders overcome the common mistakes in efforts to win commitment to new initiatives and procedures.

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