Is Your Brand Story on Target?

If your brand story isn’t resonating with your target audiences, you need to revisit how you’re telling it. In this challenging economy, you’ve got to be sure your message is speaking to the people you need to connect with, or all your marketing efforts will be for naught.

Realizing that her brand story was a central cause of declining market share, a new client recently asked me to help with the business’ messaging. The first issue was that the name of the business hadn’t been updated to reflect a significant change in its specialized services. Second, the logo didn’t communicate the brand story effectively; and third, the tag line was not distinctive enough to differentiate the business from a growing group of competitors.

It’s easy for a small business to overlook these basic elements when business is declining; there are so many things that need attention–particularly the need to arrest the drop in revenues–that it’s difficult to know what to do first. But it’s essential to get your priorities straight. If your messaging is missing your core audience,  any action you take isn’t going to be as effective as it can and should be.

In the next post I’ll describe the first step we took to correct the problem.


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