Know Your Customer!

When you’re aware that your brand story isn’t on target, the first thing you need to do is to step back, acknowledge that you may not know exactly what your customers think about you and your business–and start finding out what’s on their minds. The next step is often the hardest:  you need to pay attention to what they say, even if their comments may hurt!

The first step we took in the re-branding process for my new client was to conduct a market survey. I don’t mean a simple,  multiple choice e-mail survey that just skims the surface. I mean a survey that captures the qualitative information you need. To probe your customers’ minds, you need to give them the opportunity to express their thoughts via the medium they’re most comfortable with (snail mail, telephone, e-mail, texting, etc.). In my client’s case, a series of 15-30 minute telephone interviews, consisting of a set of open-ended questions, gathered the rich data that we were looking for. In the next post we’ll discuss what we did with the data.

How about you? Do you know what your customers are thinking about you and your business?

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