Listen to Your Customers!

Thoughtfully considering what you’ve heard from your customers is essential to gaining the greatest value from a market survey. It’s important to remember that not all comments may be valid; some people may not be aware of the constraints of running a business or your operation in particular vis a vis time, budget, staffing, industry standards, etc. Other individuals’ comments need to be weighed in light of the entirety of their answers, e.g.,  is this person extremely critical about everything, or focused on only one issue that s/he brings up in each answer, even when it’s irrelevant to the question or applies to no one else?

After conducting the market survey interviews for my client, I compiled the responses into a comprehensive report. Cautioning the executive team to keep the above points in mind, I assured them that the comments had been overwhelmingly positive–and I alerted them to a number of insightful suggestions that warranted serious consideration.

The executive team and I independently reviewed the findings, then met to compare notes. We easily reached consensus on the key data points and discussed ideas for using the information to drive the re-branding and the marketing activities for the coming year.

So far we’ve revised the business name so that the focus of the business is clear; and we’ve created a new tag line that distinguishes the business from its competitors by focusing on customer benefits. We’re now starting work on a new logo that will express the brand visually in a way that commands attention and engages the target market.

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