Whole Foods Tells the “Prime” Story

In residential real estate it’s called “staging,” in psychology it’s called “subliminal suggestion.” In retail, as branding guru Martin Lindstrom explains in another insightful piece in “Fast Company,” it’s called “priming.” Author of the recently published book Brandwashed, Lindstrom describes how Whole Foods, as one example, primes shoppers to perceive the foods on display as fresher (and, therefore, more nutritious) than they really are.

Learn how you’re being led to buy more than you planned–and to pay more for it–because of the perceptions you take with you as you stroll the aisles–perceptions that are subtly planted in your mind as you approach the store.  Tell us what you think after you read the entire article here: http://tinyurl.com/3sp9n8r

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