Bill Gates Advice on Building Wealth

Microsoft Founder Bill Gates advised computer-science and engineering students at the University of Washington yesterday to find something you’re “nuts about doing” rather than focusing on building wealth.

As reported in The Seattle Times today, Gates gave a long and thoughtful response to a student who said she grew up wanting to become the richest person in the world and asked his advice. Appearing as the “distinguished lecturer” at the Paul G. Allen Center, Gates said, “I didn’t start out with a dream of being super-rich…. Most people who have done well have sort of found something they’re nuts about doing. Then they figure out a system to hire their friends to do it with them. If it’s an area of great impact, then sometimes you get sort of (sic) financial independence.”

Stay tuned for more interesting comments from Gates’ appearance at the school where he developed his command of computer programming as a high school student by sneaking into the computer lab in the middle of the night.



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