Advertising Week: Execs Focus on Storytelling

As ad execs gathered in Manhattan for Advertising Week, the meetings got underway, perhaps not surprisingly, with yesterday’s panel on “Masters of Monetization.” What was unexpected was that, rather than conducting a hard-core discussion of revenue streams, the panelists from companies such as AT&T, BuzzFeed, Facebook, Groupon, Huffington Post and LinkedIn, focused on  storytelling along with data.

“The Wall Street Journal” reported that the advertising heavyweights agreed “the best way to educate advertisers is to show them meaningful results” and the powerhouse firms plan to grow by “being as relevant as possible to consumers by merging technology and creative content.”

Mike Gamson, LinkedIn’s senior vice president of global sales, says, “It’s the combination of the targeting with the storytelling that creates effective advertising.” And Taylor Gray, vice president of marketing and social media strategy at “uffington Post, observes, “All the big brands are engaged in this. They understand that they need to get in the storytelling business.” The entire article is at


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