Direct Mail Preferred for Marketing

Online media get all the buzz, but according to a recent poll, direct mail–the paper in your mailbox–is consumers’ preferred marketing channel over e-mail. Conducted by Epsilon, a multichannel marketing company, the poll collected responses from 2,226 U.S. consumers last August. Of those, 65% strongly agreed that they get too many emails, and 75% said they receive “a lot of emails I don’t open.”

Epsilon’s report, “The Formula for Success: Preference and Trust,” says consumers would rather receive brand or product information via direct mail rather than email. That preference for marketing communication is true for almost every category, including financial services (36% to 8%), insurance (36% to 9%) and travel (21% to 13%).

Can you believe that paper still rules? Is that true for you? What’s been your experience?



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