Four Kinds of Corporate Culture

There are four distinct types of corporate culture, according to a Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm, and the one preferred by employees surprised researchers. Also, the firm’s study confirms that a mismatch between the culture and the CEO is often the cause of a CEO’s “flame-out.”

LeadershipIQ says the four types of culture are

  1. Hierarchical–built on tradition, rely on clearly defined roles
  2. Dependable–focus on process, slow to change
  3. Enterprising–value creativity, competition and meritocracy
  4. Social–emphasize collaboration, trust and relationships

Which one do employees prefer? Not the one LeadershipIQ expected, as it turns out. The firm thought employees would favor a social company, but instead, they’re most engaged in an enterprising culture.

Understanding the type of culture you’re joining is important for any employee’s satisfaction, and it’s especially important for a new CEO. Otherwise, the leader is working at cross-purposes with the rest of the company. How good is the match between you and your company’s culture?


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