CFO Communication Skills a Major Asset for Twitter IPO

According to a report from Bloomberg News, Twitter’s CFO has the ability to communicate clearly, even when discussing complicated concepts–and that talent is expected to be a valuable asset as Twitter seeks investors for its upcoming IPO. Mike Gupta, who joined the company last year, is known for his skill in explaining complex systems and business models in a simple way. Because of his communication skills and his negotiation credentials, he likely will accompany Twitter’s CEO, Dick Costolo, on the “road show” to drum up interest for the new offering.

Twitter is anticipating sales of $1 billion next year and hoping to sustain solid long-term growth. But it’s difficult for many potential investors to understand how the company earns revenues and how it can continue to grow sales. Formerly head of finance for Yahoo, Gupta  played a key role in Yahoo’s negotiations with Microsoft that led to a partnership for web-base search. He also helped Yahoo secure a valuable investment in China-based Alibaba.

Beginning his career in investment banking, Gupta moved into technology as an executive with Zynga, where he was involved in that company’s IPO. As Zynga’s former operating chief observes, “He was instrumental during our earnings calls and during our road show. He would do a great job of playing the other side and thinking through all the intricacies.”

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