Christmas Story Is One of Love and Giving

In this beautiful season as we’re busy buying, wrapping and giving gifts; entertaining and being entertained; and in many cases, traveling long distances to be with family and friends across the country or aroudn the world, it’s easy to forget that the Christmas story is one of love and giving. It’s the story of our Creator giving the earth the ultimate gift–the gift of His Son in human form, who would be sacrificed for the benefit of humankind.

All of the activities of the holiday season are enjoyable, although sometimes exhausting! But the most satisfying is to give to strangers who need help. Some are homeless, some are jobless, some are ill…the list of misfortune could go on and on. This year my husband and I chose to buy gifts for a 3-year-old boy whose father is in prison, and we’re also launching a fundraising campaign for a friend of ours who’s facing a mountain of debt following his wife’s nearly four-year battle with ovarian cancer. She died this past June, and our friend has been consumed since then with all the legal and financial responsibilities as well as negotiations with healthcare providers in the effort to reduce the overwhelming amounts left even after insurance benefits have been paid. In addition, he now is the single parent of a bright, sweet and talented 10-ear-old daughter.

If you have a giving heart and a little money left in your wallet after buying your family’s Christmas gifts, will you please help us help our friend? Please donate now to the campaign on GiveForward for Matt Dunn. Then e-mail all your friends, “like” the page of Facebook, and tweet a request to all your followers to do the same.

The fund is entitled, “A Father Fends Off the Wolves” and can be found by clicking here

Thank you–and Merry Christmas!

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