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Reality TV Techniques for the Corporate World

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

Driven by the desire to create video content that’s engaging and also “takes viewers on a Kim Goodhart had to overcome early doubts about her ability to face up to senior executives. Photo / Chris Louftejourney,” two New Zealanders are applying reality TV techniques to videos they produce for corporate clients. As explained in an article in the New Zealand Herald, the partners said they realized well-told stories have the power to transform lives, and they set out to empower and inspire companies’ employees through ad lib video interviews with people at all levels instead of relying on tightly-worded scripts for executives, as corporate videographers traditionally do.

The result since their 2009 launch is a thriving business called Real TV, which counts major corporations among its clients. Co-founder Kim Goodhart, who earned a degree in psychology, never imagined she would be a business owner. For her the hardest part of launching a business has been learning how to run a business, but it “has become a real passion.”

She enjoys helping companies get their message out to the right audience and using video to help them get their great ideas disseminated into the international marketplace. It’s exciting, she says, to be “able to help them tell that story or promote their product in a way that means that they can send it to anyone, anywhere in the world, rather than having to fly out there and demonstrate it.”

Goodhart and her partner, Reuben Pillsbury, want to be the best in the world at providing reality TV for corporate storytelling, and she also wants to use the technique to benefit society at large. The approach, she says, “can be a powerful tool for helping society change and grow.”

Kim Goodhart shown above, photo by Chris Loufte