Sharing Success With Your Employees

Objectives for Fast-growing Wholesaler:

  • Facilitate communication across departmental lines to get everyone “singing from the same page”
  • Create a forum for sharing individual and team best practices with other corporate units
  • Fire up employees about fulfilling their roles in achieving the corporate vision

Buy Low, Sell High Quality

It’s obvious to customers that this company’s stores are busy places. So are the corporate offices. The two central values upon which the company was founded are low price and high quality, and those values are acted upon in every detail of company operations. Staffing is lean, furnishings-even in the executive offices-are spartan, and employees are very familiar with the co-founder and CEO’s favorite stories, which he uses to convey the company’s cornerstone values.

Because everyone is mindful of the focus on high quality and low cost, employees take pride in working hard to deliver on the brand promise. They do not gather at the proverbial water cooler to chat about their day. As a result, they have few opportunities to share successes with co-workers in other parts of the worldwide company. Even employees at corporate headquarters seldom hear about the achievements of other work teams in the same location.

In the first of two Corporate Storytelling sessions held for employees at corporate headquarters, Evelyn Clark laid the foundation for the value of storytelling as a management communication tool. She shared stories from around the company that were uncovered in her research, and participants were given the opportunity to share the next day success stories from their own work teams.

The outcomes amazed the client!

  • People who normally never participated in training sessions were eager to share their success stories
  • Participants were deeply impressed with the accomplishments of their peers in other departments
  • All expressed pride in the company
  • Employees re-affirmed their commitment to the corporate values and mission