The Story Of Your Community

Objectives of a Greater Seattle Chamber of Commerce workshop for Member Companies:

  • Guide executives through the process of clarifying their corporate values
  • Assist participants in defining their primary challenges/needs
  • Hone the organizations’ corporate stories and targeted marketing messages

A Monstrous Business

One of the greatest joys for any workshop leader occurs when a participant with a great deal of business experience and/or communication expertise has a major “a-ha!” That’s exactly what happened when Evelyn Clark led a session for business owners and executives shortly after creating the Corporate Storytelling® system.

During one segment, she asked each person to create a piece of “art” that represented his/her company at various points in time. Then each one shared the art and explained its meaning. One woman included a picture of a dinosaur. She explained that her business had become a monster; it was running her instead of the other way around.

That “a-ha” led to a valuable insight: she needed more help. As a result, she:

  • Hired a new assistant
  • Regained control of her business
  • Achieved better work/life balance