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Siemens A Great Example of Corporate Storytelling

Wednesday, May 22nd, 2013

SiemensWhen you visit Siemens’ website, a video story dominates the landing page. It’s about a young man in India whose mission is to teach martial arts to other youngsters growing up in poverty–similar circumstances to his own– as a means of helping them see their own potential.

At first it seems odd to start the discussion of a tech company by telling how a young man in India developed martial arts skills. And then, at the end of the 3+ minute video, it becomes clear that the video makes a huge impact in a memorable way by showing how a company enacts its values by improving individual lives. A simple written message appears onscreen, explaining that

  1. 40% of the children in India live in poverty
  2. St. Catherine’s Home is a charity that focuses on holistic development to help children acquire the knowledge and skills needed to create better lives
  3. The martial arts program described in the video is a part of St. Catherine’s mission
  4. As part of its Corporate Citizenship activities, Siemens funds the martial arts training course, known as “Happy Feet”

In addition to featuring a video at the top of the page, Siemens invites web visitors to click a link to other stories about Siemens’ efforts to improve lives.

How can your company use stories in an innovative way to convey your values?