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Direct Mail Preferred for Marketing

Tuesday, February 7th, 2012

Online media get all the buzz, but according to a recent poll, direct mail–the paper in your mailbox–is consumers’ preferred marketing channel over e-mail. Conducted by Epsilon, a multichannel marketing company, the poll collected responses from 2,226 U.S. consumers last August. Of those, 65% strongly agreed that they get too many emails, and 75% said they receive “a lot of emails I don’t open.”

Epsilon’s report, “The Formula for Success: Preference and Trust,” says consumers would rather receive brand or product information via direct mail rather than email. That preference for marketing communication is true for almost every category, including financial services (36% to 8%), insurance (36% to 9%) and travel (21% to 13%).

Can you believe that paper still rules? Is that true for you? What’s been your experience?



Lessons from Steve Jobs on Succession

Thursday, December 1st, 2011

A phenomenal visionary and innovator, Steve Jobs also demonstrated a lot of skill as a leader. One case in point is the thoughtful way he handled succession planning, an area many CEOs avoid, to their company’s disadvantage.

Information Week writer Robert Strohmeyer reported earlier this year that author Carmine Gallo, who followed Jobs’ career closely over the years and wrote two well-received books about him, identified the five key lessons to be learned Jobs’ succession planning:

  1. Focus on the customer, client, and user experience, above everything else
  2. Ensure that the culture of the company is held up as a higher value than a particular person’s leadership so that everyone realizes the company can succeed without certain individuals
  3. Control the core message and exemplify it (walk your talk)
  4. Be proactive about turning over the reins gradually so that people become accustomed to the new CEO before it’s time to leave
  5. Select your successor by evaluating the person’s ability to do the job rather than assessing whether the personality is similar to yours

What do you think is most important to remember when preparing to step down from a leadership role? Please offer your thoughts, ideally based on your experience.

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