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3 Effective Ways You Can Engage Millennials

Thursday, February 26th, 2015

Because the Millennial generation is expected to comprise 75% of the workforce by 2025, you must learn how to keep this “digitally distracted” group engaged with your organization–fast! Millennials are already noted for changing jobs often, sometimes after just one or two years. More than anything, Millennials crave training, and if you don’t give them plenty of opportunty to learn and advance quickly, they’re gone!

Here are three secrets to keeping this bright, accomplished generation committed to your mission by adapting your corporate training programs to their preferred modes of learning. As reported by newrow, a company that provides an interactive video platform “purpose-built for instructing large groups of learners online,” you must revamp your training to

1) Make learning mobile for these “digital natives” who have grown up using computers and intuitively know how to use new devices. They see mobile devices as the most efficient way to learn, connect with friends and get things done. Video conferencing and video-based instruction enable them to work remotely, too, which seems basic to them and is expected to become the main delivery system for training in the future.

2) Keep learning social so that this generation who stays connected with friends on social media can access training when they’re ready, collaborate online with co-workers and converse with instructors by posing questions as they arise.

3) Make learning personal by providing mentors who can help Millennials gain the knowledge and cultural insights required to advance. Career development is more important to them than salary growth, and they value the wisdom of those with more experience–so they can become their mentors’ peers as quickly as possible!

A Guide to Expectations of Millennials

Thursday, May 15th, 2014
Anna Liotta

Anna Liotta

According to an article by an expert on generational challenges in the workplace, Millennials (those born between 1980 and 1999) have such different expectations from their managers, that many managers are at a loss as to how to handle the younger generation. My colleague and friend Anna Liotta, author of Unlocking Generational CODES, says the Millennial generation is “the first generation to have no expectation of retiring from the company they are working for today. In fact, 91% of Millennials expect to stay at a job or position for fewer than three years.” What’s even more surprising to many managers is that a Millennial considers less than three years to be a long time!

With turnover costs equaling more than six months of a person’s salary, as estimated by The Society of Human Resources (SHRM), shorter-than-expected stays can be very costly for employers. Why are Millennials so eager to move on? Their motivations are based on a different set of expectations than previous generations have had. Chief among Millennials’ expectations are these:

* high pay (74%)
* flexible work hours (61%)
* a promotion within a year (56%)
* more vacation or personal time (50%)

Liotta’s research has found that Millennials “typically decide in their first 30 days if they will remain with a company for 6, 12, or 18 months. It’s up to their leaders to discover how to communicate effectively to keep them engaged in the work and committed to the organization. That, int urn, will enable the employer to realize a more satisfying return on its talent investment. Liotta offers guidance on how to do that through books and articles available on her website as well as through speaking engagements and trainings. Access those resources and learn how to contact her by visiting her website.