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6-year-olds Offer Lesson on Managing Change with Story

Thursday, July 10th, 2014

Children can teach adults a lot of lessons about life–if the adults pay attention! One of my favorite lessons on managing change was demonstrated by 6-year-old twins whose father attended one of my Corporate Storytelling workshops for sales managers a few years ago. It’s a story I love to tell because it has all the basic elements of a memorable tale: it’s concise, it’s clear, it begins with a challenge to be overcome, describes how the hero overcomes the challenge, and concludes with a memorable lesson for leaders in any organization–business, nonprofit or family.

Paul Smith, a former Procter & Gamble executive, loves the story, too. He included it in his book, Lead with a Story, and asked me to share it when he interviewed me for a podcast that was broadcast yesterday. It’s a great example of how a meaningful business message can be conveyed in a charming and engaging story that everyone can relate to. We’ve all been children, after all, and we’ve all been faced with change. And sometimes, like one of the twins featured, we haven’t been sure how to handle a change that at first seemed overwhelming. Listen to the podcast here and let us know how you will apply this savvy lesson on change management from two 6-year-olds!

Video Interview on Storytelling

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Video is by nature an especially powerful storytelling medium, and yet it’s one many of us who are writers tend to overlook. David Hutchens, a Tennessee-based ad copywriter who has become a corporate writer and book author is an exception. He’s recorded an engaging and informative interview with Paul Smith, author of Lead with a Story, on the use of leadership storytelling and applications of stories in organizations See it here:

How One P&G Manager Learned the Power of Storytelling

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

The news reporter in me always enjoys learning “the story behind the story,” so I was fascinated to read how storytelling caught on at Procter & Gamble. And because P &G products are used in millions of households and organizations, I expect you’ll enjoy the story related in Paul Smith’s new book, Lead with a Story.

Director of Consumer Research for P&G, Smith relates in his book how at first he was perplexed by the long-time CEO’s behavior during Smith’s first presentation to the head of the company. A.G. Lafley didn’t look once at the slides Smith had so carefully prepared; instead, Lafley had chosen a seat at the head of the conference table–but with his back to the screen! What’s more, he didn’t once turn his head around to view a slide.

Only  later did Smith realize that “he wasn’t looking at my slides because he knew something that I didn’t know until that moment. He knew if I had anything important to say, I would say it.” In other words, his CEO was listening for a story!

In an excerpt of Smith’s book published in TLNT, he also relates how P&G came to appoint a statistician as official corporate storyteller. Read about it at