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Blitz Communication Strategy Works

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

If your organization finds communication and employee engagement challenging, especially when implementing change, a blitz strategy may be the answer.  According to an article in “Reliable Plant,” this approach is an easy way to comprehensively disseminate messages and to support change efforts.

Here are the steps of blitz communications as outlined by authors Joe Mike and Patricia Landry:

  1. Senior leaders craft a succinct message
  2. They then divide into groups and spread throughout work areas to discuss the message with supervisors, listen to their feedback, and check for retention
  3. Supervisors meet with their employees in small groups and deliver the same message
  4. Leaders document how well employees retain the message, with the goal being 40 percent of the employees able to clearly articulate it

Landry reminds leaders that messages can always be improved, so it’s important not to measure the success of their communication based on their own perception. Checking whether employees are able to repeat the message accurately is the only sure measure of the message’s effectiveness.

Making communication clear and concise during a big project is the single most important factor in successfully implementation of change, Landry says. At one organization where she spearheaded the blitz process, most of the feedback was positive–so much so that the company plans to use it again.