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Sell Ideas Like Malcolm Gladwell: Tell Stories

Thursday, November 14th, 2013

The spectacular success of Malcolm Gladwell’s first three books clearly demonstrates that he’s very skilled at selling ideas. Sales of The Tipping Point surpassed 3 million copies and Blink, and Outliers each sold more than a million copies.

Wharton School of Busness professor Jonah Berger explains how Gladwell has been so effective in selling his ideas. In an online article Berger lists three techniques, one of which is storytelling.

Like other skilled storytellers, Gladwell paints vivid pictures for his audience by telling stories to illustrate his points. As Berger notes, stories surprise and engage the audience and also causes readers and listeners to vicariously experience what he’s describing. Stories also “serve a “larger purpose,” Berger says. A story is “proof by example,” conveying information that “comes along for the ride.”

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Then ask yourself, How can I learn from and emulate Gladwell? What stories can I tell that convey important information and persuade others to my point of view in an engaging way?