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Workers Prefer In-Person Collaboration and Communication

Wednesday, October 10th, 2012

Although a growing number of companies offer telecommuting and other nontraditional work arrangements and schedules, the vast majority of people with those options still choose to work at the office as usual. As reported in the Modest Bee, nearly half the companies responding to a survey by CoreNet Global Inc. and Steelchase Inc. say that employees prefer office technology even though their homes also are technologically well equipped.

At the same time, employee work space is shrinking. This is due to the increase in collaboration, according to Mark Damico, president of The Workplace Group, Inc. More company offices are being designed as “open environments with workstations around the perimieter and executive offices in the inside,” he says. Also, he says more young executives perceive private offices to be punishment rather than a perk. Not surprisingly, older workers resist open office designs, preferring the traditional layout.

Do you agree with these findings? Or does your experience indicate otherwise?