Are the stories you and your executive team tell
building the culture you want?

Is your current culture consistently producing the right results?

Are your corporate stories cutting through the information clutter and engaging key stakeholders?


Capture Your Story

If You Answered, “Yes”…

to any of the questions above, your organization may be moving fast, but it’s racing headlong in the wrong direction. You need to get it back on track by telling the right stories to the right people at the right time. You need the Corporate Storytelling® system to help you to:

  • Attract and retain top-tier employees and customers
  • Keep everyone on track and moving in the right direction
  • Galvanize support for your mission and values
  • Exceed customer expectations
  • Drive the right results: higher productivity, lower turnover, soaring sales and profits

Tell Your Best Stories, Turn Employees and Customers into Raging Fans

To attract the right people and keep them engaged in your mission, you need to harness thet power of story with a customized Corporate Storytelling workshop for your executive group and teams throughout your organization. Evelyn Clark will equip you with the tools you need to discover, craft and tell stories that spark excitement and make raging fans of your key stakeholders.

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Tools to Help You Apply The Power of Stories

If you want to become a better leader, you need Around the Corporate
Campfire: How Great Leaders Use Stories to Inspire Success.
Published in India and China as well as distributed throughout the U.S., Around the Corporate Campfire has been acclaimed in major media around the world. It’s an invaluable guide for anyone in leadership—from corporate and nonprofit executives to parents and community volunteers.

A core training resource for direct reports and other managers, Around the Corporate Campfire features case studies from top organizations, such as FedEx, Nike and Costco Wholesale.

Included is a set of valuable templates that will help you get started! Choose paperback
or e-book format.

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