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Add the “Wow” with the “How” of Storytelling!

Association executives are worried about decreasing memberships and lackluster member participation. Sales people freeze in major new business presentations and reel off a lot of data that puts prospects to sleep. Leaders are frustrated by disappointing employee performance and can’t seem to explain what they need from their troops.

If your clients are grappling with any of these issues, or others that demand crystal-clear communications and razor-sharp presentation skills, you need Evelyn Clark for your next conference, leadership retreat, or off-site meeting. Her Corporate Storytelling system is a proven tool that helps good leaders become great storytellers.

A hands-on, interactive workshop designed for executives, top-flight sales people and savvy marketers—as well as professional associations and nonprofit leaders—each session immerses participants in real-life situations. Relevant examples illustrate the power of story through first-hand experience. Participants share stories with one another and get insightful feedback from their peers as well as from Evelyn Clark, a pioneer in storytelling for organizations.

The end result: Participants are equipped with a dynamite tool that will transform their communication skills. They leave with a story in hand that they can tell right away–and the know-how to develop many more.

Whether you need an engaging, dynamic keynote or an in-depth, interactive workshop, Evelyn Clark will deliver.

  • Storytelling seminars
  • Keynote presentations
  • Meeting and retreat facilitation

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