How About You? What’s Keeping You Awake?

If your sales presentations, marketing messages and management presentations aren’t consistently winning your customers’ business and your employees’ support, the Corporate Storytelling® system is the solution you’ve been looking for. A proven method for identifying and shaping messages that stick, this tool will help you cut through the clutter and get the results you want.

Each program is tailored to the client’s priorities, such as:

  • Powering Up Sales Presentations
  • Enlivening Leadership Communications
  • Galvanizing Employee Engagement and Teamwork

All programs are interactive and tailored to the client’s agenda. Keynotes range from 45 to 90 minutes, workshops from 3 hours to full-day sessions, and retreats up to 2 full days. Follow-up services reinforce the newly-acquired skills to ensure that people use them.

Workshop participants learn The Seven Secrets of Story as well as how to:

  • Tell stories that sell (products, services and ideas)
  • Breathe life into the corporate story
  • Identify and create a collection of their own stories that stick in audiences’ minds

By the end of Corporate Storytelling workshops and retreats, participants have a story in hand that they can tell right away. And they have the tools to build stories that will captivate any audience, any time, anywhere.

Whether you lead a corporation, a governmental agency or a nonprofit organization, the time-tested Corporate Storytelling system will help you discover, craft and tell compelling stories that make your messages stick.

Business Shrinking? You Need Brand Messaging Help

You need to revise your branding and brand messaging if you’re among a growing number of business owners who are

  • watching revenues steadily shrink
  • uncertain where steady customers have gone
  • unsure how to stem the tide of declining cash flow

It’s especially difficult to stay on course when the marketplace is continually chaotic for months-and worse, even years. Survival requires a clear vision and measured steps toward realizing it. That calls for a fresh set of eyes and guidance from a brand messaging expert.

That’s where Evelyn Clark comes in. She’ll do the groundwork to learn about your business. Then she will design and conduct a survey of core audiences, decipher the data, and develop brand messaging that resonates with your key audiences. By crafting a corporate story that touches the hearts and minds of your customers and other stakeholders, she will help you stay on course and produce winning results.

Why Hire Evelyn Clark?

A lot of consultants claim expertise in storytelling now that the value of story for organizations has gained credibility around the globe. Not one of them has the breadth and depth of experience in corporate communications, public relations and storytelling that Evelyn Clark provides to her clients. Armed with her original Corporate Storytelling system, Evelyn Clark shows leaders and their work teams how to wow their audiences with stories that sell products, services and ideas.

An author and pioneer in the field, Evelyn Clark is recognized among her peers as the expert on storytelling for organizations. She led the first-ever business storytelling sessions in Singapore and the master class for corporate communicators at the European Storytelling Congress in Salzburg. Featured in publications from Seattle to New Delhi, she has worked with global leaders in business, government and nonprofit organizations, including Microsoft, Bank of Austria/UniCredit Group, NASA’s Jet  Propulsion Laboratory, National Reconnaissance Office, United Way and Association of Professional Fundraisers.

An award-winning writer with a B.A. in Communications from the  University of Washington, Evelyn Clark earned accreditation in public relations in 1987. She began her career as a broadcast news editor with the Associated Press, where she honed the ability to cut through the clutter and craft a clear, succinct story.

When you need an engaging speaker to deliver dynamic keynotes or lead interactive, results-driven workshops, retreats and consultations, call Evelyn Clark for the expertise you need.

  • Corporate Storytelling Workshops
  • The Power of Story for Leaders Keynotes
  • Branding and Marketing Messaging
  • Commemorative Story Books
  • Executive Coaching

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