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Elwood A., CA

My road to financial insecurity was paved by several factors. I was not done with my student loan when I married and we bought a house taking out a mortgage in order to afford it. When my wife was temporarily out of job, we had to dig in into our savings account, which was a mistake that we had to make up for by taking out employee’s loan, and then another one, getting caught in a vicious circle of the so-called “churning”, where we could hardly pay off the fees but not the outstanding principal debt.

It was getting increasingly tougher to honor the mortgage with every coming month, and I was getting seriously concerned for our ability to keep our house. So much that the worry actually started taking its toll on my health, and the bills increased.

It was then that I started looking for a solution on the Internet and stumbled upon this site, which gave me an idea about consolidating all my existing debts. A real lifeline that my wife and I needed so much! Now I have two installments stretched over two months left, and it will be the end of a very tough period in my life. Thank you for professional counseling that helped us snap out of churning and repay our multiple debts!

Journee D., UT

I am just thankful for all the great tips that I have learnt from this service, all for free. A friend of mine hires a personal finance advisor in order to wrap her head around her (rather messy) financial situation, but I cannot afford professional counseling. The quality of advice that I get from this sight would have cost me thousands of dollars in billable hours, and I get it for free! I was able to find a solution to deal with my healthcare bills which had been piling up for many months on end. Honestly, I was so cornered I felt at the very end of my rope, and then I started researching my options.

Just one payday loan taken out for a period of two weeks helped me to make my ends meet by the end of the month till I got my paycheck, and from then on things have started improving significantly. It was several months ago, but I had to take another payday advance last week to pay for a major surgical intervention that I would never be able to afford without this loan. Now I know that I will be able to restructure payments for that costly procedure. Your service has literally helped me restore my physical health, not only financial one!

Marla N., NM

I am a single mother of two working as a waitress. With a rent to pay and food to put on the table for the three of us, there is never enough money left for traveling or simply taking my kids out to do something fun together. This has always been my major source of remorse and guilt. After the school was out this year, I decided that I would do whatever it takes for my little family to have a vacation we deserve.

To my surprise, it wasn’t that much of a hassle for me to get approved for a payday loan. I followed the advice shared on this site with accuracy, because I am not the kind to jump in headfirst, and got my application approved in just under an hour. I got my travel money the next day, I could not believe my eyes! It was totally incredible to know that I can take this money and spend it on fun things to do for a change, practically for the first time in my life!

I have just repaid my loan, and I am certain I will take one again. $15 paid in fees for a $1,000 check and the jolly time my kids and I had this summer is such a trifling thing to pay! This is a unique opportunity to bring joy in my kids’ life!!

Carver E., FL

I think that payday loans are not given the right kind of publicity. Consumer opinions are rather skewed and distorted by what media says, portraying short term loans as usury practices. My take on it is that allowing for small money lending businesses to thrive just does not sit well with major banks of this country; and if we compare the rates one pays for credit card overdraft with payday loan charges, the comparison is not in favor of banks. Sorry to say. For me payday loans work just fine. I try keeping my head above the water the best I can, but I know that in case of an emergency I always have a personal loan service to fall back onto. I have taken multiple loans so far, for a variety of purposes, sometimes it is something as demanding as justifiable as topping bills from my kids’ GP, and sometimes it is the money we need to make it to the end of the month. In all honesty, I know not what I would do without online cash advances. I would never use a credit card simply because I do  not appreciate being taken advantage of, and I do believe this is exactly what they do charging their outrageous overdraft fees.

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